Welcome to lactose-free-recipes.com, here we have a large collection of tasty dairy free meal, starters, snacks and dessert recipes. Please note that we are not medical experts and the information given here is from a number of resources, if you see something that you believe to be incorrect please tell us.

Milk is one of those fundamental foods, it is almost certainly one of the first thing we ever digest whether it's breast milk or milk produced by a cow. It is no surprise that we have such a strong attachment to this refreshing drink and all of it is derivatives such as cheese and butter.  

Unfortunately it is also true to say that this life giving liquid also has many drawbacks especially of those whose bodies struggle to tolerate it's properties. Many people are now turning away from milk and dairy products because of its many problems such as lactose intolerance.

For previous generations there really was no alternative to dairy products, but in the 21st century there are a multitude of choices that can take the place of potentially harmful dairy products that can clog up our arteries and make us dangerously over-weight.

There are many reasons to avoid dairy products and seek out suitable alternatives. Intolerance and health are two reasons but there are others such as pleasant and trying something new in terms of kicking your traditional eating and drinking habits.

A dairy free existence does not have to be tasteless or boring, a dairy free lifestyle can be a pleasant change from ingrained eating habits. This site can give you the background information on what alternatives are on offer and why you should definitely consider non-dairy products as part of your health regime or just as a pleasant alternative to dairy-based foods.

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